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R 1200 GS / ADVENTURE slip-on 06-13

Exhaust muffler with intermediate pipe for original pipes and brackets. The price includes a removable damping insert and possible assembly while waiting. The exhausts are tested on the engine brake and do not show a negative effect on the performance and settings of the motorcycle. Exhausts can be sent cash on delivery as a complete assembly set. The offered version can be used on original BMW exhaust holders. If you are interested in a different shape and material, do not hesitate to contact us. Service, functionality guarantee and spare parts in case of fall damage.



480,00 EUR exkl. USt

OVÁL CARBON INOX ( glänzed oder matt )

460,00 EUR exkl. USt


440,00 EUR exkl. USt

OVÁL INOX ( glänzed oder matt )

420,00 EUR exkl. USt

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