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YZF R6 racing Abagssystem 06-16

Exhaust systems and mufflers OVAL CARBON TITAN meet the technical regulations for the SUPERSTOCK and SUPERSPORT class. Performance chart, technical information and tuning methods available by email or in person. If interested, we offer installation of the exhaust system, tunable control units and complete tuning of the engine brake. We offer priority service for exhausts in the racing season. The mufflers come standard with a removable DB Killer that meets the noise limit of 100 dBa.


Komplettes INOX-System + OVAL CARBON TITAN RACING STYLE Schalldämpfer

1 305,06 EUR exkl. USt

Komplettes INOX-System + Schalldämpfer GP RACING STYLE

1 182,71 EUR exkl. USt

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