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CBR 1000 RR racing výfukový systém 17 -

Exhaust systems comply with technical regulations for the Superstock and Superbike class. Performance chart, technical information and tuning methods available in person or via email. If interested, we offer installation of the exhaust system, tunable control units and complete tuning of the engine brake. Service, spare parts and warranty are a matter of course. In case of damage, we will replace the damaged parts. After installation, it is necessary to adjust the fuel map. The exhaust system can be sent or mounted while you wait. We are testing the exhaust system in cooperation with Jan Halbich - IDM driver.


Complete exhaust system INOX + muffler CONICAL CARBON TITAN

1 422,76 EUR w/o VAT


Complete INOX exhaust system + CONICAL CARBON INOX muffler

1 382,11 EUR w/o VAT


DB Killer 96 dBa

32,52 EUR w/o VAT


VAT rate is currently at 21 %.