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YFZ 450, 450 R/X racing exhaust system 09-23 QUAD

Exhausts are tested on engine brake and racing use.

Exhaust systems comply with FIM noise limits.

We will provide you with all technical information in person or by email.

The exhaust system can be sent cash on delivery as a complete assembly set or mounted while waiting. If you are interested, we offer the assembly of the exhaust system, tunable control unit and complete alignment on the engine brake.

Functionality guarantee, service and spare parts.

This exhaust system was developed and used by four-time Czech champion David Tušl.



Complete INOX system + OVAL CARBON TITAN RACING STYLE silencer

820,00 EUR w/o VAT


Complete INOX system + OVAL CARBON INOX RACING STYLE silencer

780,00 EUR w/o VAT


VAT rate is currently at 21 %.