Development car

With more than 25 years of history in the production and development of exhaust systems, RP tuning is a supplier of racing teams and private riders in the field of motorsports and motor sports from rallies to circuits. Exhaust systems according to the customer's wishes are manufactured in order to achieve the maximum increase in power and torque while reducing weight, including easy assembly and disassembly. They are designed to meet the technical regulations of the automotive industry according to FIA and FIM regulations.


We use special annealed stainless steel thin-walled tubes for production, individual parts are manufactured on CNC milling machines, fired by laser technology and welded manually by the TIG method in a protective atmosphere. We use high-quality catalytic converters and easy-to-disassemble mufflers with high-quality racing muffler, they guarantee a long service life. RP products have a comprehensive service, including the replacement of individual parts in the event of damage.