Development moto-quad

Our company with more than twenty years of experience

in the development and production of exhausts for motorcycles, it offers you quality products developed in cooperation with leading Czech racers and tuners. We transfer the knowledge gained at the highest load in motorcycle races to the production of standard exhaust systems. Before the finished product reaches the customer, it goes through the following process. We will produce the first test shock absorber or a complete system for a new motorcycle model. The following is a measurement of the performance of the serial exhaust and a comparison with the produced prototypes.



After the basic measurement, we use a lambda probe to examine the setting of the fuel map and the need for possible fine-tuning. If necessary, we adjust the fuel map in the original control unit or with the help of Powercomander. For exhausts for racing use, where it is primarily a matter of maximum increase in power and torque, tuning is a must. For these purposes, we perform complete tuning using fully tunable control units. Then we drive the necessary kilometers with the exhaust and examine the effect of the exhaust on the overall performance and also the effect, for example, on the disconnection of the exhaust pipe, lambda probe and catalytic converter (for racing purposes). If the exhaust does not have a negative effect on the ride, performance and service life, we will produce the necessary documentation, fixtures and include it in the production program.

The basic material used for production

exhaust pipes, shock absorbers and accessories is stainless steel designed for exhaust systems. Another material used is mainly titanium, dural, carbon. We use several types of damping charges according to the degree of load (racing use, normal operation, 2T, 4T).

We perform welding of exhaust parts using the most modern methods (plasma, TIG). Auxiliary consoles and sleeves are burned with a laser beam, and exhaust flanges are produced on CNC mills. The mufflers are designed to visually match the design of the motorcycle and can be mounted on the original pipes and brackets in the simplest way possible.

We deliver each RP exhaust as a complete assembly set including accessories and user manual. Of course, all warranty and post-warranty service with the possibility of repairs or replacement of individual exhaust parts is included!

RP exhausts can be purchased, mounted and possibly tuned directly at the RP tuning company.